What are my insulation options?

The type of insulation varies based on several factors. The options in a residential home are different than a commercial building, with a choice of traditional fiberglass batts, loose fiberglass fill, or blown-in insulation that is able to adhere to any surface. It is essential to consider the specifics of the building, the existing insulation, and the location where the insulation is required to determine the correct option to use for maximum benefit.

What are the benefits of insulation?

Having the correct R-Value for your home or commercial building insulation provides several advantages. It reduces the cost of energy to heat or cool your home while also increasing comfort throughout the year. In addition, correctly insulated homes and commercial buildings help reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the environment all year. For those considering the sale of a home or commercial property, correct insulation levels add to the value of the property.

What is Insulation and How Does it Work?

Insulation is the addition of material to line the exterior walls of a home or other building. The goal of it is to create a layer of protection between the exterior wall – and the air outside – from the inside of the home. Insulation works to block the loss of heated air during the winter and cooled air during the summer. There are various types of it, but in all forms, it can help to improve overall comfort in the home while also working to reduce energy loss.

Is Attic Insulation Necessary and How Important Is It?

Attic insulation is necessary when you want to maintain a comfortable home. It is critically important to minimize any loss of treated air through the exterior walls. With attic insulation in place, it is less likely that you are going to have high energy bills or air leaks in your home that create drafts.

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