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Although you may not think about your crawl space that often, it plays a crucial role in your home’s temperature regulation. Most people’s crawlspaces aren’t properly insulated, which can be the cause of major air leakages that compromise the effectiveness of their homes building envelope. If you have this problem, you’ve probably noticed that your floors can get extra chilly at night or during the winter. You likely also spend more than you should on energy bills trying to keep your home warm.

316 insulation offers insulation services for all areas of the home — yes, that includes your crawlspace! We’ll take care of the various issues that plague crawl spaces and re-insulate the area under your floors for a more comfortable home-living experience.

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Using the Right Crawl Space Insulation

Considering the right type of insulation to use is essential, as not all areas in the home benefit from the same kind. Most homebuilders use fiberglass batts as it is still a cost effective way to meeting current codes. Although installing fiberglass batts in crawl spaces is common practice in new construction and home remodeling, there are several issues that can arise after doing so.

Crawl spaces can be particularly damp areas, which isn’t good for anyone with fiberglass batts, which tend to absorb moisture. When fiberglass gets wet, it can develop mold, which could spread and cause wood rot. Damp fiberglass is also a welcoming home for pests, which definitely isn’t ideal for any homeowner. We will assess your crawl space and provide a free quote for the best desired results with a cost effective price. We offer many solutions to these common crawl space issues!

Crawl Space Insulation Services to Solve Your Problems

You don’t have to live with unpleasant rooms and unbearable floors. 316 Insulation can provide insulation services for a more efficient crawl space. With a well-insulated crawl space, you’ll have a tighter building envelope, which means better temperature-regulation all around.

If needed or desired our team can provide spray foam insulation for complete coverage without the risk of retained water or mold. Unlike fiberglass batts, you won’t have to worry about closed cell spray foam falling or compressing. Rodents and other pests do not nest or destroy it like they do fiberglass. This is the best insulation option for a crawl space!

Insulate Your Crawl Space with 316

Fight back against your utility bills and make your home livable again by calling 316 Insulation. We’ll evaluate your crawl space and recommend a solution that will guarantee comfort and efficiency for years to come. Contact our team today!

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