Blow-In Insulation Services In Auburn WA

Blow-in insulation refers to the spraying or “blowing” of insulation into the wall cavities of your home. Like most batts, blow-in materials typically consist of either cellulose or fiberglass. Unlike batts, blow-in insulation is much faster to install and is an effective solution for filling a variety of spaces. Insulation contractors tend to use blow-in insulation for attics, however, this method can be used to insulate virtually any area of the home.

Although installing blow-in insulation is much faster than fitting an area with batts, the process can be messy if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional service for your insulation project.

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Blow-In Insulation for Maximum Energy Efficiency

Having enough insulation in your walls, crawl space and attic is essential for the energy efficiency of your home. Without enough insulation, your home will leak the conditioned air supplied by your HVAC system, wasting a significant amount of energy.

The best way to cut your utility bill in half is to look for ways on how to improve your home’s air-sealing and upgrade your insulation. There are several ways you can keep your home air-sealed on your own, but the best way to reduce your heating and cooling costs is to call a professional to do air sealing and install upgraded blow-in insulation.

For the best results, 316 Insulation uses Pro Link fiberglass loosefill and cellulose. Our insulation provides the highest coverage of any other blow in insulation on the market. Pro Pink loosefill insulation provides amazing thermal protection and can be used in walls, floors, attics, and more. Our blow-in insulation is also eco-friendly — Pro Pink loosefill is made partially with recycled materials and meets GREENGUARD standards for safe in-home use.

Blow-In Insulation Services in Auburn WA

316 Insulation provides fast, safe, and effective installation services for residents in Federal Way WA, Tacoma WA, Auburn WA, Kent WA, Puyallup GA, Gig Harbor WA, and the surrounding areas. If you’re in need of an experienced team to help you insulate your home, contact us today. We’ll happily provide you with a free estimate.

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